Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

and back again...

In two weeks Beau and I move back to the city, a gorgeous big house to be shared by friends, close to everything including the creek. We will miss, the neighbours, the trees, the sunsets and the owls talking to each other all night long from opposite sides of the gully. But I won't be sad because this move is necessary and timely and because my city friend and I have become lovers. This beautiful man knows about bees and oils and plants and music from far away places. Things that can soften the edges of the city. We have been laughing,singing, playing with our children, remembering, talking about God,loving and marveling. Happy.

Our new house mates are lovely. A and her son J. A house full of light. A huge garden begging for chickens and a deck on which to drink wine as the nights become warmer. I can't say 'this is it'.My mind would sometimes like to know when we can finally 'dig in' but my heart is satisfied with this step. I've let go of a good deal so this move is lighter on many levels. Beau will be closer to his Dad. There will be an ease to the week's rhythm. We can get back on our bikes. Suddenly he can do so much - skate board,swim, ride his big bike.... His body is growing and he is discovering physical confidence. The size of his smile is equal in proportion to the wave of joy I feel when I watch him cross another threshold.

I am belly dancing, playing my guitar often, and thinking about seedlings and what I will bake in the new kitchen and how I will earn money in the city. I would like to run another choir and teach singing.

How is your spring starting out?

Listening to new Hope Sandoval -Through The Devil Softly, Bill Withers, Hamsa El Din and Feist.