Friday, April 22, 2011


Oh that's right I have a blog! Full time student - whole new ball game. It's really challenging and really fun and I'm learning so much and trying not to spread myself to thinly. I love my class mates and the teachers are amazing and I'm listening to so much fantastic music. Hard to believe a semester is almost over (in 5 weeks). The kids are really happy at school, Martin's business is rolling along (there's a great article about Martin and beekeeping in the latest GREEN magazine - issue #18)nicely and he has managed to keep our garden moving with the seasons, all the sunflowers, cosmos, tomatoes, summer veges are gone and more potatoes, broad beans, beetroot and carrots are poking up through the soil. We've planted seeds and saved many from the summer crop.
Look what came out of our garden this summer! Our land lord gave us the olives from the tree on their side - he has a simple recipe for pickling that involves no changing of water. Delicious. We have had apples galore and pears, and last weekend Martin and the kids picked the figs with some friends and I made fig and ginger jam. A couple of the chickens appear to be laying - our early morning Productivity Meetings might finally be having some effect. Most of the bees have moved on to new homes with the beautiful hives Martin has been building for clients.

I've been riding my bike to Uni in this glorious autumn weather. I do feel very fortunate to be studying something I love. I've had a few meltdowns but I anticipated some anxiety about performing again after all these years. No surprise. I'm the oldest person in my year - the youngest are old enough to be my kids! I'm trying to just be where I'm at without placing too high expectations on myself - trying not to sell myself short either. I'll let you know how that goes!!!

Right now the house is quiet - the kids have gone for another week and we are in the initial phase where we wander slightly aimless and empty for a day until we get used to their absence. I like that the house is getting a bit chilly and the heater goes on some evenings and when it's a little over cast like today I can justify staying inside and eating sweet things and drinking tea....We have almost been here a whole year!

Hope you are all happy and the season (whatever it is on your side of the world) is treating you well.

Listening to Esperanza Spalding, Tom Waits, the Beatles, the Beach Boys....