Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not sure what was going on here? Fire drill??? The photo looks like it's been put together but it's just a straight shot. I really like it.

We had a date in the city, rode our bikes to the station talked on the train, ate laksa, drank iced coffee, read the paper, bought a Swedish goat skin hat/ tea cosy (for, you know, those snowy days...), looked at street art...I like hanging out with my husband. Just as well huh. we've just been to his father's funeral in Adelaide. A big, beautiful family affair with a wake in which we sang Irish songs around the coffin at the family home, everyone told stories, cried, laughed. So special. A perfect send- off for a much loved and respected man.

Random photos from the Hipstamatic. It's just so great. You can take a photo of your big toe and it will look so great (I'll do that tomorrow..)

Fan-bloomin-tastic to be on holiday, though I simply must attempt to find some gainful casual employment. Later....

Listening to - Laura Marling, the Felice Brothers.