Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ring the bells that still can ring
forget your perfect offering
there's a crack in everything
that's how the light gets in
(mr cohen)


listening to Morcheeba, Anthony and the Johnsons, Serge Gainsborough

Saturday, April 25, 2009

here to there and still somewhere in between

What to say. It was more than I could have expected. Rinpoche gave us everything we could possibly need and in that light we practiced and played, laughed, sang, swam and walked and talked. The children ran wild and free, grubby and happy. I feel full to the brim, of love on all levels. Some real peace between K and I. Now as always, the ongoing challenge to allow this calm, presence to remain in daily life at home.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Small Boy Heaven

It was a good day. My wee boy and I. Clacking along the railway, pure joy. Everything going green at last. Loved the drive which we haven't done since end of January.

Time to knit woolen socks. Time to get the heater out of storage, seal the gaps in the roof and walls, buy blankets. Suddenly it is cold. Loving it!

Listening to Triple R radio (streaming)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A lot of this happening here these days. Spectacular. A particularly fine burnt orange one sinking as I type.

At times I have been out and about and witnessed many a Bloggable sight and had to let them go due to having forgotten the camera. But mostly I've been having an extra-bloggial affair with my journal which cops the unrestrained out pourings of this often over loaded mind. How I wish that the concept of Dumbledore's Pensieve could be manifested in reality - a safe vessel in which to store thoughts to be dealt with at a more convenient time.

Here are some thoughts that are safe for public display.....

1. Rinpoche is here. We will be on retreat with him as of next Friday. I'm looking forward to sitting with him. Just that. Swimming in his presence.

2. Currently negotiating Shared Care of beloved child. My least favourite thing to do in this life to date. Am counting on the swim in the above mentioned ocean of Grace and Stillness to absorb these qualities enough to bring back and apply them to that task. Fortunately K and I are able to talk respectfully regardless of the degree of difficulty involved.

3. Said beloved child has become all of a sudden extremely perspicacious (thank god for spell check...)and can fortunately express some of his feelings about this matter (2.)

4. My brother makes a very, very fine Rose (as in 'Rosay') which he has named Jose (as in 'Hhhhosay')which I am enjoying as I type and which may have a welcome soporific effect (not enough sleeping going on of late due to non-existence of Pensieve).

5. I had the trawl of all trawls at Savers on Tuesday - 2 skirts, one pair of trousers, a very hot (as in 'hhhhot') retro frock, 2 jumpers (one, a little bit Sophia Loren), and 4 tops and I only stopped there because I was having a hypoglycemic meltdown due to skipping lunch because I was in there for HOURS.

6. Just spent two very solitary weeks without the neighbours (on holiday). It wasn't until Beau, Flash the dog and I bounced around their car on ,barking and wagging that I realised how lonely I had been. It was however Good For Me, Soul Searching, Character Building etc etc not to avoid it.

7. Tibetan Monks are working on a sand mandala in town, marking what seems to be a time of healing. Life in these parts seems to be not so much back to normal but continuing with added purpose and acts of great generosity and community spirit.

Listening to PJ Harvey; White Chalk and The Danque; a Compilation of West African Funk.