Monday, November 21, 2011


Hipstamatic Lerv

Big Honey at desk looking rather 'Days of Yore' , apart from the computer, and the PJs....

Almost at the semester finish line. Last written exam today (History of Electronic Music - fabulous subject) - some of my answers were for example: "That french guy" and ''the other American one" but all in all a good effort I think. My recital is next Tuesday. Slightly freaked but prepared and fronting up nonetheless. I'm looking forward to being more mother, less student for a change.

The apricots are coming, the tomatoes are climbing the spectacular frames Big Honey constructed, inspired by our Greek neighbour who gave us the seedlings (last year he looked at our nursery purchased tomato plants and said "these are shit, pull them out, I give you mine, they are good". Can't argue with that wisdom. And he was right. Never eaten a tomato like it....except in Greece.....

Big Honey is in Adelaide with his family - his father is passing away and they are all by his side. Big connected, lovely family, there at the drop of a hat, sleeping by his side in turn. Pretty special. The kids and I are there next week.

May whatever you are wrapping up for the year be wrapping smoothly. May your fruits be fruiting and your loved ones be close. x