Friday, July 18, 2008

Frock on Friday and Wake up Wednesday

Mostly my post titles are to amuse myself. Can you tell?
A frock so 'purdie', care of The Sartorialist ....

On Wednesday evening I went along to my friend Rachel's book launch; see over there to the right, The Divided Heart; Art and Motherhood, (a series of interviews with well-known artist-mothers) which I have already started to read and am finding it very inspiring, encouraging, and deeply resonant with my own wish for both art and motherhood to co exist in me without conflict. The launch was supported by friends and family who are all amazing, talented, devoted parents/artists. I came away feeling that something in me had been launched; harshly, like a bottle of champagne across my face! But necessarily so. I had yet another good cry; some more waves to wash off the built up crap on the surface and break open a bit more of what lies beneath. I found all sorts of stuff down there including of course the attitudes of my mother (nothing new there), greater compassion for her and myself, deeper appreciation for the people around me and the reminder that we will only ever benefit those around us when we follow our passion. I try to parent as creatively as I can. What's more naturally creative than conceiving, birthing and guiding a child through its life? But I still need to be reminded that it's OK to follow my own thread. So thanks be to Rachel for following hers and presenting such honesty and love.

The blessed outcome of all this is that I will now have regular weekly time to pursue my own thread of creativity, seeing as we are fortunate enough to have the flexibility for both K and I to do so now that he is working from home . It means more quality time for Beau and K, more family time for all three of us, and a shot at creating a lifestyle that is transferable to a small country town.


msaims said...

what a post babe! felt loads of emotions bubbling to the surface. mothering is an art in itself.

just decided to send mat on his own to the uk in oct rather than all going in may next year. (freakin out a bit.)

will you guys be around? i think you may have a bit of advice for me.


little red hen said...

It gave me goosebumps! I agree so wholeheartedly that in order to parent well you need also to be true to yourself, balancing your needs and those of your cherubs can be tricky but oh so rewarding.

little red hen said...

P.S I love the blog title

Emma said...

I am spruiking The Divided Heart on my blog, absolutely adore this book, and stumbled across you (as you do!)

Rachel said...

Ah, Kirti, you incredible woman. Thank you for those generous words about me book. (And yours too, Emma, which Clare Bowditch discovered and sent me a link to).
I was completely overwhelmed by the love and creativity in that room on the night of the launch. I am still reeling!
Since then, I've had some stunning messages from women about what the book has brought up for them and what it is spurring them on to do, and that makes what was the often painful process of writing it so worthwhile.
All power to you sisters!
Rach xo