Saturday, July 12, 2008

woolly gifts and a new groove

Soft, warm woolly scarves for dearly beloveds. I'm thinking about all the patterns/motifs I can dry felt onto finished pieces.

Oh this cold, cold day.....we resisted going out into it until 4 o'clock by when Beau and I were in great need of our afternoon walk. Despite the cold he still prefers getting shoes, hat and scarf off. I'm like a sergeant major running behind him trying to cover his flesh from the attacking wind. Lately Beau has been talking a lot about his 'different house' with his 'different mummy' and 'different daddy'. When we go out walking he says "do you want to go to my different place? It's just around the corner. You can stay there too!!' we never get there though it's always just around the corner. The last two afternoons on arriving home he has been in tears because we didn't go to the different place. The strength of the toddler imagination is unrivaled. Oh to have a glimpse of what that all means to him/ how it looks from his dimension.

K and I still trying to find our rhythm together. We are aiming for a comfortable groove like a bossa nova or more ambitiously a sultry tango, but we seem to be stuck in some kind of out of whack jazz improvisation where we keep having to stop and look at the chart to work out where the hell we are.....K has come back from India deeply and profoundly moved and drawn to being at the mountain again, preferably with us. I also feel a pull to the place. But I also want very much for us to have another baby and find our 'home'. So we are kind of pushing and pulling and bumping back into each other and then floating out again..trying to relax about it too and trust that we will find a way to compromise to the satisfaction of all three of us. Rinpoche talks about all people/beings experiencing life from completely different dimensions. We don't really know anything about anyone though we like to think we do. So my practice at the moment is to try to look at K as though I know absolutely nothing about him. On the rare occasion I can get my head out of my arse, that practice makes all the difference to our day!


Jo Windmill said...

Hey there lovely, how gloriously, baffling B's other life sounds!

Finally got some samples of the paintings on the blog!

msaims said...

perhaps these are memories from a previous life... children are still so in touch with that life force i do believe.

mat was inspired by karma's joy about taking you to the mountain.i think he wishes he had something new and lovely to share with me. instead we plod along with nothing too much changing.

perhaps that baby is waiting at the mountain for you. imagine that for a conception story!!


fifi said...

It is nice to have a nest, but more important to have what you already seem to have.

I like the idea of the child waiting for you somewhere,
but the lovely threesome you have right now is wonderful.